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5 Ideas for Instagram Stories

June 7, 2021

When someone says social media, what are the first few platforms that come to mind? My top answers are always Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram.

Now, there are more platforms than the six I listed, but these are the ones I use most frequently—seriously, you should see my phone’s daily screen time report—with Instagram being near the top.

Instagram’s been dominating the social media world for over a decade—time flies, huh? The photo and video sharing platform has grown in popularity since its inception. Over the years, they’ve also incorporated more features into their platform like IGTV (Instagram TV), Reels (their version of TikTok), and Instagram Stories.

While posts on Instagram are evergreen, Stories are designed to last only 24 hours. Since they launched in 2016, roughly 500 million users use Instagram Stories every single day. They’re designed to drive engagement and bring value to your profile. Whether you’re using a business or personal profile, there are plenty of benefits to using this feature.

Need a little inspiration on what to post in your Instagram Stories? Here are 5 ideas you can use:

Share Behind-the-Scenes Content

When it comes to most digital content, the goal is to create a finished, polished product before putting it into the world. But users want to know the faces behind a business and know the brand on a deeper level. Sharing any behind-the-scenes content can do just that, and Instagram Stories are the perfect place to make it happen.

A few examples of behind-the-scenes content include:

  • Photos and videos of team members around the office
  • Sharing your work-from-home views
  • Pouring a cup of coffee on a Monday morning
  • Setting up a video shoot for a client

Sharing this type of content can build trust among your followers since it shows your business as transparent and personable.

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Create Polls

Polls are a unique way to draw engagement and feedback from your followers. Whenever you decide to make a poll using the poll sticker, you’re able to customize all the text, including the answer buttons themselves.

From a marketing perspective, it’s a fantastic tool. Not only can you see the percentage of people voting for one answer versus the other, you’re also able to see the profiles of who answered, giving you a better sense of your target audience.

Share User-Generated Content

You should share user-generated content (UGC) as much as possible, and Instagram makes it very easy for you to do so. Once a user tags your company in their Story, it’ll appear in your messages. You can easily view it, respond to it, and share it to your own Story. UGC can help potential customers see what current customers think of your product or service. It builds trust and drives more engagement for your profile.

Stories are a great way to capture the scenes of an event in real-time.

Cover Live Events

Oh, live events, how I’ve missed you.

As the world starts to open back up, company events, trade shows, and conventions are back on the schedule. Whether you’re hosting or attending, Stories are a great way to capture the scenes of an event in real-time. You can share photos and videos of your team, use the event hashtag if there is one, and tag the company/event’s username. You might even be featured on the event’s Instagram Story, allowing your company to gain more exposure.

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Advertise Discounts or Sales

Running a special promotion at your business? Showcase it with Instagram Stories! Since the platform’s designed to last 24 hours, you can use Stories for highlighting any limited-time deals you’re offering. Plus, it entices users to come back to your profile to see other promotions you might have in the future.

Without the right social media strategy in place, you’re just another brand speaking aimlessly into the void. At Element 47, everything we do starts with strategy, and social media content is no different.

Our team has a track record of creating compelling social campaigns that get results. Ready to kick your business’s social media marketing up a notch? Let’s chat!

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