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Our Why

Making money is great. How else would we buy tacos?

But that’s not what gets any of us out of bed in the morning.

We’ve spent a couple years honing this why statement to capture exactly what we’re about:

Element 47’s core purpose is to cultivate growth and connection through our good work in branding, marketing, and advertising.

The Work We Do

How Do We Live Out Our “Why”? 

Element 47 uses curiosity, creativity, and connection to deliver websites and marketing that shape the world for good. Businesses, nonprofits, and startups trust Element 47 to present and amplify their excellence, maximizing impact in their market.

What’s Up With 47?

This all started way back when our CEO Eric Jackson was a kid (you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, everyone had phones attached to a wall, and the internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye).

Like most kids, he had a lot of questions. And like most parents, his dad grew weary of answering.

So Eric’s dad decided to simplify things, giving the same answer each time. Whether it was are we there yet? or why is the sky blue? the response was the same: “Forty-seven.”

It’s like that in marketing, too. Clients come to us with a lot of questions, which we love! And the answers aren’t always easy. But as we leverage the different elements (ahem) of marketing—combined with sticktoitiveness, a good process, and a ton of experience—we can find the answers together.