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You’re good at what you do.

Your company offers some amazing service or product, and it makes people’s lives better or easier or happier in some way.

But the reality is, if your business doesn’t look the part, people aren’t likely to trust it.

In other words? Branding matters.

Brand Identity: It’s More than a Logo

When it comes to branding, the first thing we usually hear is, “I need a new logo.” Odds are, yes…you do need a new logo. But your brand identity is so much more than that! Our approach to branding incorporates all aspects of how your brand exists in the world. And that starts with curiosity:

  • Who have your audiences been (historically)? And who do you hope to attract in the future?
  • What kinds of colors will resonate with them and evoke a response?
  • What types of imagery represent your brand?
  • If your brand was a person, what would its personality be?

Brand Strategy: Our Approach

Once discovery is complete, our job as a branding agency is to turn all those questions into:

Primary and Secondary Fonts

Color Palette


Positioning Statement

Voice and Tone

Good Vibes

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have everything you need to communicate a cohesive brand across any and all platforms—everything from your company car to your website, from your print ads to the viral TikTok of your team attempting the latest dance craze.

want to get down to business? we’re ready when you are.

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