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Social Media Marketing

Your business exists in the 21st century. Which likely means it also exists on a few social media platforms. And THAT means—at a bare minimum—you’re responsible for how your company presents itself in those spaces…not to mention the infinite ways to potentially leverage social for your business.

Trouble is, “social media expert” isn’t anywhere in your job description.

Well, you can take:

  • A load off
  • A deep breath
  • A look around for something else to worry about

Because you’ve got us and social media is most definitely in our job description.


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Let’s Talk Strategy

Sure, posting something is probably better than posting nothing, but content for content’s sake is never going to move the needle.

(Unless you have a needle for “how many times did we post on the company’s Facebook page this week?” And that would be a weird needle to have, right?)

Without the right social media strategy, you’re just another brand speaking aimlessly into the void. At Element 47, everything we do starts with strategy, and social media content is no different. And your social strategy isn’t truly going to shine unless it’s part of your broader marketing approach.

Social Media Pro Tips

Social Media DOs

  • Start with strategy
  • Identify measurable goals
  • Create internal voice and tone standards
  • Design social templates to ensure a consistent, professional look and feel
  • Use real photography as much as possible
  • Remember your audience (it’s likely different for each platform)
  • Learn as you go and optimize accordingly

Social Media DON'Ts

  • Forget you’re logged into the company account when commenting on the conspiracy theory du jour
  • Use stock photography
  • Issue a call to action without a link for users to take that action
  • Use the company account to post that mic-drop of a political meme you just found

Now What?

The truth is, social media marketing isn’t where every business should put their time and money. And we aren’t interested in making promises just to get your signature on the #DottedLine.

So we’re glad to set up a free consult to listen to your needs and goals and give you an honest assessment of whether or not we’re the right fit.

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