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Website Hosting

You know your business needs a website. And you may even have the skills to add a new blog post, update a page, or swap out some pictures.

But odds are, website hosting isn’t in your wheelhouse. It’s probably not even in the house next to your wheelhouse.

The bad news? Your website can’t function without hosting. And most hosting companies provide a bare-bones service that leaves you on the hook to figure out any site issues.

The good news? You’ve got us! And we do web hosting differently.

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Ever Had a Website Crash?

You’ve got plenty on your plate. Probably too much. The last thing you need is to spend a day figuring out why your site is down or dealing with a website hack caused by an outdated, vulnerable plug-in.

Web hosting with Element 47 is a true peace-of-mind, set-it-and-forget-it, take-that-thing-off-your-plate-for-good kind of solution. And our Business Hosting plan even includes access to our development team for any website edits you need.

Web Hosting Includes:

  • Domain registration/renewal
  • Site backups
  • SSL certificate (making your site secure)
  • Security monitoring
  • WordPress and plug-in updates

  • 12 hours of website edits per year
  • Email addresses (10 included)
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Annual marketing consultation

Let's Host This Bad Boy

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