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Transparent SEO

Search engine optimization: Everybody needs it, but nobody knows how it works. And far too many businesses have been burned by SEO companies selling snake oil in an SEO bottle.

At Element 47, we do things a little (a lot) differently. We call it Transparent SEO.

We’re committed to demystifying SEO services for our clients, peeling back the curtain to provide clarity into the hows and whys of your site’s organic performance and strategy.

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Two Prongs of the SEO Fork

There are two primary uses of SEO, and we apply our Transparent SEO approach to both:

New Site Launch: It’s essential to include a thorough SEO audit and strategy when you’re building a new site. That’s because it’s less expensive and more effective than trying to “add SEO” after the site is launched.

Marketing Campaign: As important as it is to have best practices in place when your site launches, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Our monthly SEO services help you grow your traffic over time with content recommendations, monthly reporting, site health monitoring, review management, and more.

Why Transparent SEO?

Most people don’t understand what SEO is or how it works.

We educate you through SEO resources and easy access to our team.

Some SEO agencies exploit their clients’ lack of understanding to make a quick buck.

We clearly explain our actions so you know what you’re paying for.

It can be hard to tell if someone is trying to sell you on spammy SEO tactics.

We prioritize the long-term success of your site over short-sighted wins.

The confusion around SEO can lead to unrealistic expectations.

We work closely with you to identify clear, measurable goals.

It’s not always clear if SEO efforts are “working.”

We track progress over time via goal-focused monthly reporting.

Some SEO companies guarantee specific rankings, which incentivizes them to use spam tactics.

We trust our process and persistence to bring results rather than making unrealistic guarantees.

Need an SEO Company?

At Element 47, we’re not just another Nashville SEO company. We’re a full-service marketing agency, and Transparent SEO is a big piece of how we help our clients succeed.

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