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Florida College

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    Higher Education
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    Website Redesign


As a private higher education institute, Florida College’s old website was rich in content. However, the site was outdated, overgrown, and not easy to navigate whatsoever.

They came to Element 47 needing a new site that appealed to the students they were trying to attract, as well as the parents, faculty and staff, and community members trying to find the information they were looking for.

We worked extensively with their marketing team to develop a clean, uncluttered site that accurately captures the FC experience. This included a complete content audit, a newly organized navigation, an updated aesthetic that’s youthful and visually appealing, and a simplified application process.

The result? A lean but powerful site that will be an asset to all levels of their organization for years to come!

Brand Awareness and Reputation
Improve User Experience & Inform Website Visitors
Streamline Operations
Increase Website Traffic
Increase Campus Visits

Primary Audience

Prospective Students
  • Mostly women, 18–22-year-olds, high school students
  • Need to find a college that suits their educational needs and religious interests
  • Want a community where they can be surrounded by like-minded individuals in faith and personalities

Website and Messaging

When it comes to messaging, institutions of higher education need to speak to multiple audiences at once. Florida College is no different.

We worked extensively with their marketing team to do a full audit on the existing content throughout their website and reorganize their navigation so the pages spoke directly to the audiences they wanted to reach. We also determined their voice (while speaking in varying tones throughout) is very personal, welcoming, and conversational while remaining respectful in both faith and academics.

Project Highlights

  • Simplified application process
  • Consistent messaging and branding
  • Custom modular page layouts
  • Home page hero video
  • User-friendly front and back end
  • Streamlined forms
  • Live chat features
  • Instagram integration