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    Hospice / Healthcare
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    Branding, Messaging, Website, and Marketing


Alive Hospice has long been a favorite client of ours. As Middle Tennessee’s only nonprofit hospice, Alive provides loving care to families at a time when they need it most—regardless of their financial status.

Their old website had become outdated and cluttered over time. They came to Element 47 in need of a new site—as well as new branding—that reflected the care and compassion they provide to patients and families.

We worked with them to develop a new visual brand, updated messaging, and a clean, uncluttered site that accurately captures who Alive is and how they serve families facing life’s most difficult circumstances.

Once the site and branding were completed, we shifted our focus to providing marketing support for their team: Digital ad campaigns, website maintenance, and SEO monitoring and recommendations.


Alive has long used a tree in their logo as a symbol of life, growth, and the changing seasons.

We kept that logo and expanded the brand around it:

  • Updated fonts
  • Expanded color palette
  • Voice and tone
  • Patterns and textures
  • Imagery guidelines

Website and Messaging

As often happens with large organizations, Alive’s site had become a bit of a Frankenstein over time. With a long list of stakeholders and multiple ongoing initiatives, the content organization and user experience of the site was getting messier by the month.

We worked alongside their internal team to rewrite the entire site in their brand voice, sunset outdated webpages, and create a much simpler, cleaner experience for their visitors.

Project Highlights

  • Custom modular page layouts to maximize flexibility
  • Fresh messaging
  • Clean, uncluttered design
  • Multiple Integrations

Website Tagline:

Abundant Compassion, Expert Care


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Alive’s digital ads needs are multi-pronged: Ongoing services, recruitment efforts, and short-term event promotion.

For their services—primarily hospice care and grief support—there is a big educational component. Many people aren’t aware of their options or when they should consider those resources.

By creating ad campaigns and web content that answer key questions like “What is hospice?” and “When is it time for hospice?” we are able to meet families right where their needs are and connect them with resources.

With Facebook and Instagram ads, we are able to increase registrations for Alive’s rich calendar of events — growing engagement for fundraising, grief support, and more.