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Social Media Marketing

Doom Scrolling? More like Boom! Scrolling

Was that too much? Probably. Because this is a page for serious business.

Here’s the deal. Your company exists in the 21st century, which means:

  • You’re responsible for how you present yourself on a few social media platforms
  • You have unlimited possibilities of how to leverage social media to strengthen your brand

The good news is, you’ve got us. And we can handle the responsibilities and the possibilities that come from managing your social media.

It is serious business. But let’s have a little fun along the way, shall we?

Your Social Strategy

Sure, posting something is probably better than posting nothing, but content for content’s sake is never going to move the needle.

(Unless you have a needle for “how many times did we post on Facebook this week?” And that would be a weird needle to have, right?)

Without the right social media strategy, you’re just another brand shouting into the void.

At Element 47, everything we do starts with strategy, and social media content is no different. And your social strategy isn’t truly going to shine unless it’s part of your broader marketing approach.

Social Media Pro Tips

  • Do identify measurable goals
  • Don’t talk about yourself all the time
  • Do use real photography
  • Don’t post that sick political meme on the company account

Ready to get social?

No Sense Dilly-Dallying!