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Like mom always said, there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

It turns out that’s absolutely not true. But here are some smart questions people have asked us often enough that we realized we should write them down.

Why should I choose Element 47 over another agency? What are your specialties?

First, you should know we don’t work with every prospect. If we don’t believe we’re the right partner for you, we’re going to tell you that up front. If possible, we will refer you to a firm that might be a better fit.

We are excellent in several areas:


Why does creating a website take so long?

Building a website requires several disciplines coming together in perfect harmony to build a cohesive and functional site:

It’s like building a house. If there’s a hold-up on one part of the process, the whole schedule can get delayed. So everyone involved (even our clients!) must meet their deadlines to keep the project on schedule.


Why do I have to do strategy before we can start my website/marketing?

The short answer? Marketing without a strategy is like traveling with no map. It’s a whole lot easier to end up in the right place if you know where you’re going and how to get there.

Back to the construction analogy, it’s essential for every stakeholder to be working from the same plan. If there isn’t a written plan (the Strategic Roadmap), each person is working from a vision they see in their head. And each person thinks everyone is on the same page. This is why detailed construction plans are essential. While it’s possible for everyone to be on the same page, the reality can be vastly different…and that isn’t good.


What if I’m not happy with the work E47 does?

“Be Bold.” That’s one of our Core Values. If anything we’ve done doesn’t meet your needs, please say something! Know this: You will NOT hurt our feelings. Bad news never gets better with age. The quicker we know you’re not happy, don’t understand, or simply don’t agree with a decision we’ve made, the faster we can course correct and “Make It Better.”


Do your agreements have a term?

In most cases, yes—but it can vary depending on the work involved. For example, website hosting agreements are based on a one year term. Typically they automatically renew 30 days before the anniversary date. Your Statement of Work and Section XI of your Services Agreement will have the specific details for your project. We encourage you to review your agreement. And of course, if you have questions, we’re happy to talk through them!


What if I need to pause my marketing for a period of time?

If you need to pause your marketing for any reason, please let us know. Our agreements typically require 60-day notice before pausing or cancelling. If you think you will need to make an adjustment, please contact us as soon as possible so we can make the change as painless as possible. That notice period exists because doing great work means we have already allocated the time and attention of our staff to meet your needs.


What if I decide to stop working with Element 47? How do I cancel my services?

First, we’d like to have a conversation with you to understand your situation. Should cancellation be necessary, please notify your primary contact at Element 47 as early as possible. Please see Article XI in the Services Agreement and the Statement of Work for details on terms for cancellation.


What happens if I miss a deadline?

We understand that, on occasion, deadlines get missed. Someone from the Element 47 team will notify you and work to resolve or reset your deadline. We have a Project Delay Policy that informs how we handle these situations. But please note: If you miss a deadline, your work will be rescheduled according to our availability. This is because we’ve made promises to other clients on the timelines of their projects too, and it’s incredibly important to us to keep those promises. As a result, missing your deadline by a few days could delay your project by weeks.


What happens if I miss a payment?

Should you miss a scheduled payment or overlook an invoice, our bookkeeper will contact you to resolve the missed payment.


Do you use sub-contractors? If so, will I be notified?

While most of our work is handled by our in-house team, we do use sub-contractors on occasion for specific functions. These trusted partners are a vital part of our team, expanding our capabilities where hiring full-time staff is not feasible. We can notify you about the use of sub-contractors if you so choose.


Can I take my website with me if I leave Element 47?

Yes. The website we’ve built for your is a “work for hire,” meaning that you are the rightful owner of the product and may take it with you so long as all the terms and conditions of our mutual agreements have been met.


Do I need to have Element 47 sign an NDA?

We would be happy to review and sign an NDA. Client confidentiality is non-negotiable at Element 47. All our team members and sub-contractors work under agreements containing strict client confidentiality provisions. Please understand that with or without your NDA, your confidential business information is safe with us.


Why does Element 47’s hosting services cost more than what I can get from GoDaddy or a similar provider?

Not all hosting services are the same. Discount hosting has hidden costs manifesting in slow speeds, errors, poor support, and other disruptive problems. Most hosts provide no maintenance services, leaving that task to you. We provide business-class hosting services because our clients want fast, reliable, secure hosting. And our hosting services also include website support hours and many other benefits to keep your site in tip-top shape. Your prospects and customers judge your company by their experience visiting your website…and we know you want that to be right.


How does Element 47 measure/determine ROI of marketing efforts? How quickly will I see a return on my investment?

Our clients have expectations when they hire us, spoken or unspoken. We understand you want E47 to “Make It Better.” It’s Element 47’s responsibility to discover exactly what that means, identify how we will measure it, and report the metrics that matter to you. The time it takes to realize ROI (return on investment) varies with industry and marketing tactics. In some cases, our work yields immediate results. Utilizing Google Ads, for example, can produce immediate leads. But that’s not possible in every industry. Our team will work to give you clarity on how long it should take to see your desired result so we can all move forward with confidence.