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Thanks & Giving 2019

November 27, 2019

My favorite holiday is – and will continue to be – Thanksgiving.

First, it’s on a Thursday. The date doesn’t matter…it’s Thursday; the fourth Thursday in November to be exact. And we all know what that means…nothing is going to happen on Friday, unless you enjoy shopping for sport (I do not.) So it’s an awesome long weekend.

Second, it’s an opportunity to be surrounded by family while eating ourselves into a food coma, drifting off to sleep while watching the Detroit Lions lose yet again.

Third, and the real reason for Thanksgiving, it’s our opportunity to acknowledge the bounty we enjoy in America, and be thankful.

So here’s what the next few days are going to look like:

  • Wednesday – Thanksgiving Eve. Face it, no much work is getting done after noon.
  • Thursday – Thanksgiving. Turkey and football.
  • Friday – Black Friday, “sales” on stuff that will be even cheaper two weeks later.
  • Saturday – Rival Saturday. Great football. Leftovers, get em before you get food poisoning.
  • Sunday – The Sabbath, more Thanksgiving.
  • Monday – Cyber-Monday, virtual fistfights for overpriced junk
  • Tuesday – Giving Tuesday

I’m certain you’ve heard of Giving Tuesday…but if you haven’t that’s what it’s for: Giving. So instead of wrestling strangers for a $300 laptop that will be riddled with malware in under 24 hours, please consider supporting one of these fine organizations:


I just joined the Dismas board after working with Dismas for a number of years on their website. Gerald Brown and his able staff and volunteers are leading the charge to help men recovering from incarceration make a successful re-entry into society. You can learn more about our work or donate here:

Preston Taylor Ministries

We got involved with PTM a few years ago when my friend Gordon Brewer thought it would be a good fit for me. I participated in “Springtime in the Marketplace,” a program that enables kids to shadow people in their jobs and learn more about the working world. During that child’s visit to our office, we talked about how badly PTM needed a brand update and new website. We approached PTM and offered to make it happen. You can learn more about PTM or donate here: PTM is also selling merchandise and some of the best greeting cards money can buy…check it out!

Here are a few other nonprofits Element 47 supports:

Shalom Zone – website | donate

KORE Foundation – website | donate

One more organization that deserves a huge shout-out: The Center for Nonprofit Management! CNM has been valued Element 47 client for many years. CNM’s services are part of the reason Nashville’s nonprofit community is thriving and supporting our people in so many ways.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has supported Element 47 over the years. We’re thankful for you in too many ways to list here. Have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving.

All the best,