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10 Nonprofit Marketing Tips You Can Do Right Now

April 26, 2017

As a Nashville nonprofit marketing agency, we work with lots of nonprofits, and we know they’re always looking for new, low-cost marketing ideas. Here are 10 marketing tips that we see many of nonprofits not taking full advantage of right now.

1. Stop auto-publishing your Facebook posts to your Twitter feed.

This may be the number one mistake we see nonprofits making. If someone is on Twitter, they don’t want to head over to Facebook to read your entire message or see the photo. We know nonprofits are trying to save time, but give Buffer or Hootsuite a try instead.

2. Write real stories about real people.

Instead of writing blogs and sending emails about why you need money, tell stories about the people the money will benefit. Tell success stories as well detail current situations and needs. Set a goal of one blog/story per month.

3. Test to make sure your website is mobile.

We really shouldn’t have to say this anymore, but we are still running across non-mobile sites, especially in the nonprofit community. So, make sure the website is mobile. If it isn’t, make sure a fix is in the budget. If it is, make sure the donate button and other calls to action are visible and easy to use.

4. Promote Facebook posts.

Unfortunately, organic Facebook engagement is declining. It will be necessary to pay to boost some of your posts every once and a while. Just make sure to target your posts to people that already like your page or people in your targeted area. If you just push Boost without any targeting, you could be paying to show your post to a person in Timbuktu.

5. Try a posting a video or using Facebook Live.

If you are meeting with an excited donor, video them explaining why your organization is important to them. Or video an exciting moment at one of your events. Maybe schedule a few casual, client testimonials. Social video doesn’t have to be long or fancy; just give it a try.

6. Tell your story on Instagram.

Start using Instagram if you aren’t already. Every image can help you tell your story and show the need for your services. Be sure to use hashtags relevant to your cause. If you need some examples, see this article about nonprofits getting it right on Instagram: The Best Nonprofits on Instagram.

7. Update your metadata.

Updated metadata can improve the way you look and rank in search engines. For WordPress, we recommend the Yoast plugin. Kentico, the content management system that many Element 47 websites are built on, has a built-in updater. For Wix, follow details here. For Squarespace, find details here.

8. Survey your donors and/or volunteers.

Create a quick, free survey using SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. Ask questions to find out how you are doing with your communication. Ask if they want to hear from you more or less? Would they prefer messages by email, text, social or another way? Do they have questions about your organization?

9. Remember to send people back to your website.

Social posts are great, but remember that your website should be your hub. Most Facebook and Twitter posts should link back to your website to read more or get more information. This encourages the user to explore your site more and maybe donate to your cause. So, put information on your website first and then post on social media and send out email newsletters, all linking back to the site.

10. Do more of what is working but try something new, too.

If email marketing is resulting in donations, try doing a few more. If social is driving good website traffic, feel confident that your time there is worth it and schedule a few more posts. But plan to try something new now and then too.

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