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9 Steps to Marketing On Houzz

July 10, 2018

Houzz, pronounced howz, is a platform where 40 million users create and discuss idea books for projects around the house. Users can also search for a local professional to help them build their new home, redecorate a room or landscape the backyard. So think of it as a social community, search tool and local directory all in one beautiful platform.

Houzz is often underused by local professionals in the Nashville area.

What businesses should use Houzz?

  • Architects
  • Home Builders
  • Home Remodelers
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape Companies
  • Home Decor Stores
  • Home Services

We find this platform is often underused by local professionals in the Nashville area. Usually, a residential builder, decorator, or landscaper knows they should be using Houzz, but just hasn’t found the time or isn’t quite sure what to do.

Quick tips to make the most of Houzz.

  1. Complete a profile. Get started here:
  2. Create at least five projects using beautiful, high-quality photography of your projects. This is your portfolio.
  3. Describe each project and each image well. Write descriptions that use keywords, keeping in mind popular trends and materials. Think of the words your potential client might use to find your work. Do not use industry words that customers won’t understand. Expert tip: link back to your website for more product photos or an in-depth case study.
  4. Get customer reviews. You need at least three reviews, but shoot for 10, and keep asking even after you get to 10. Reviews go a long way with increasing the potential trust clients have in your business before they ever contact you. Reviews also increase your visibility on the platform.
  5. Keep on posting new projects. Recent activity can increase your exposure and rankings.
  6. Add the Houzz badge to your website.
  7. Try to submit an article to the editor for a Houzz spotlight.
  8. Follow and interact with other area partners that are on Houzz.
  9. Watch out for questions. If a user posts a question, make sure to respond. Sometimes these questions will be from outside the Nashville area, but you should still answer the question. It shows that you are helpful, and you never know, someone in the Nashville area might have the same issue.

We would love to help you start or optimize your Houzz account. Just give us a shout.