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4 Tips to Make Your Emails Stand Out

March 2, 2021

Before the new year began, I set a goal to comb through my inbox and scrub myself from any email marketing lists that were no longer relevant—if you’ve never done this, I suggest you try it out. After hitting 24 unsubscribe buttons, a wave of relief hit me.

But it made me think, why was I subscribed to so many emails in the first place?

People generally subscribe to emails for a few reasons:

  • To receive the latest deals, discount codes, and coupons from brands
  • To learn more about a topic that interests them
  • To stay up to date on the latest content from a website

For businesses, it seems like a no-brainer to incorporate email marketing into your overall marketing strategy. But how can you stand out in someone’s inbox and keep them interested in your content? Here are 4 ways to make your emails cut through the noise.

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Keep It Short and Sweet

On average, a person will receive 121 emails per day. That number already seems extreme before you add our current pandemic reality where everything’s digital. We all need a break from our screens.

That’s why your email content must be mindful of the reader’s time. If people wanted to read a novel, they’d visit the library (man, I miss going places). Instead, get to the point quickly so the reader doesn’t lose interest.

Is your email generic? It’s most likely going to remain unread.

Personalize It

Is your email generic? It’s most likely going to remain unread—or worse, thrown in the trash. When you personalize an email, it tells customers that they matter to your business. And that personal connection ultimately builds loyalty and interest in future content, upcoming deals, or new product offerings.

Personalization can come in many forms: including a customer’s name in the greeting, highlighting products or services based on their past interactions with you, or sharing your company’s latest news and highlights (when appropriate).

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Make It Mobile-Friendly

As a younger millennial, contrary to popular belief, I remember a time when smartphones weren’t a part of everyday life. Nowadays, everyone’s on their phones, and that includes checking emails. In fact, about 46% of emails are opened on mobile devices. If you’re not optimizing emails for mobile, you could be missing out on entire audiences.

Include a Clear Call to Action

The number one goal for any email marketing campaign is directing more traffic to your company’s website. Whether you’re promoting the company’s latest blog or offering a new product deal, including a clear call to action in your email will send them on the right path. The more exciting the action sounds, the more intrigued people are to click on it.

An effective email marketing campaign takes strategic effort, and our team has a track record of designing compelling campaigns that get results. Ready to kick your business’s email marketing up a notch? Let’s chat!

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