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3 Tips for Using Images on Your Nonprofit Website

August 26, 2015

Imagery is a vital piece of a nonprofit website. It helps to build a deeper connection with the viewer in a way that words cannot. That emotional connection is what keeps a visitor engaged and eager to learn more about what your nonprofit is all about. Consider these three tips as a starting place to improve your non-profit website imagery today.

Keep your images simple & focused

You only have an average of 5 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. Within those few seconds, most people decide if your website is what they are looking for or if they should keep searching the web. Pique their interest and keep them from hitting the back button by selecting images to use on your site that are simple with a focused subject. Remember, you are selling an idea, a mission, a cause – not a product, so it is important to evoke feeling and connection immediately to convey your mission properly and purposefully.

Consider adding a powerful image as your background or at the top of your page as a header to get the most impact.

Overlay text on your images to add power

Adding text on top of your image is a powerful way to connect your content with a compelling photograph. It provides more of your story to the visitor right away helping them to connect your story with the image. By choosing a simple photo where the focal point is to one side, you can easily overlay a heading and your mission statement – combining images with text and connecting with your visitors instantly.

Consider the composition of your photo before adding text. There must be a good contrast in the area you are adding text, so it is readable. The most common place to add text is on the left since we read from left to right.

Use photos that focus on your volunteers

You have something that not all companies have – volunteers who believe in your cause and help you every day. Using photos that focus on the people who surround you will help you to build that emotional connection. Show your volunteers in action, working on projects your organization completes each year. It’s difficult to express the people behind your organization through words alone – use volunteer photos to establish a sense of community and personality to your non-profit brand.

A great rule of thumb is only to add photos that increase the value of your content.

It’s time to start putting those amazing photographs you’ve been saving on your computer to good use on your website. Great photography can assist you in telling your story and can provide an emotional connection to your visitors – it’s a win-win.

If you need help updating your nonprofit website, feel free to reach out to us.