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Why 47?


This all started waaay back when our CEO Eric Jackson was a kid. Like most kids, he had a lot of questions. And like most parents, his dad got a bit tired of answering Eric’s queries.

Over time, Eric’s dad decided to simplify things, giving the same answer to every question. Whether it was are we there yet? or why is the sky blue? the response was the same: “Forty-seven.”

It’s like that in marketing, too. Clients come to us with a lot of questions, which we love! And the answers aren’t always easy. But as we leverage the different elements (ahem) of marketing—combined with sticktoitiveness, a good process, and a ton of experience—we can find the answers together.

Our People

Element 47 is a digital agency of marketing experts dedicated to asking the right questions and staying curious to find the answers.

  • Eric Jackson

    Founder & CEO

  • Gretchen Owens

    VP of Operations

  • Zach Vinson

    VP of Strategy

  • Jason Torrence

    Web Developer

  • Paul Molnar

    Web Developer

  • Angela Payne

    Website & Digital Designer

  • Sydney Van Hulle

    Marketing Manager

  • Brooke Cawthon

    Key Account Manager

Our Process

It’s not the most eye-grabbing thing to lead with, but we’ve learned over the years just how critical process is to our clients’ success. And the more thorough we are on the front end of the process, the better the outcome for everyone involved.

So much of marketing comes down to action, and our marketing process is no different: Discover, build, grow.


Whether it’s a new custom website design, new messaging, or a new ad campaign, the temptation is always to launch it as quickly as possible. But in our experience, the time we spend understanding your unique situation more than pays off in the long run.

This step is us learning about you. What are your business goals? Who are your competitors? Who is your audience and where can we find them? What’s your value proposition? What’s the voice of your brand? What past data have you collected that we can review?

As we become experts in all things you, we can better identify the right solutions for the hurdles you’re facing. This step ends with us fully documenting the scope of the project, which serves as a beacon to keep everyone aligned throughout the rest of the process.


Once we have a deep understanding of your needs and how best to tackle them, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start building. You’ll get a clear outline of the timeline and when to expect deliverables throughout the build process.

We’re a digital agency that takes communication and transparency very seriously, so you always know where things stand. And we’re always willing to jump on a call when needed to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

This step ends with your final approval and our thorough QA of the tiniest details of your project.


Once your project is launched into the world, we don’t simply wave as it sails off into the sunset. We hop right on board, man the rudder, and make sure that jib is tied off, or whatever people do on sailboats. This metaphor has gone too far, but you get the picture.

We want to be a long-term partner in your success. That can look many different ways: New marketing initiatives, SEO strategy, website maintenance, and analytics reporting are just a few of the possibilities. When you work with Element 47, you’re getting a team of experts in your corner for years to come.