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You’re good at what you do. Your company offers some amazing service or sells a great product, and it makes people’s lives better or easier or happier in some way.

But the reality of our world is that, if a business doesn’t look like it knows what it’s doing (in the way it visually presents things), people aren’t likely to trust it.

In other words, branding matters.

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Think of it like a makeover show. Our job as a branding agency is to make your outer beauty (the look and feel of your brand) match and amplify your inner beauty (the quality of the work you do). Or something like that…we’re a little rusty on our makeover metaphors.

Your company’s logo is a huge piece of the branding puzzle, but it goes beyond that. And our experience as a marketing agency means we know how to tie the visual piece together with your ongoing marketing strategy. Here are a few core components of our branding work:

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Tagline
  • Voice and tone
  • Value proposition

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